Perfect place to photo-shoot of your Vehicle

We are looking for a place to Photo-shoot your vehicle for any reason. Please send us an email for your information if you have a place to provide services.

Before you Head out to Photo-Shoot of your Vehicle.
Find A list of some important tips to follow when you head out to photo-shoot of your car.

  1. You should know why do you want to have photo of your car?
  2. Lighting is very crucial at the time of taking a good picture. Your camera should not be facing a sharp or bright light in-front of your camera lens.
  3. Proper Place or location free of all the distraction such as cars, trash and advertisement signs etc..
  4. Lighting is very crucial at the time of taking a good picture of a vehicle.
  5. Your car should be washed and cleaned with a good fiber cloth not leaving any lints on the paint or chrome surfaces of the car.
  6. Give it a trial to take some pictures from a different places and sides of the car.
  7. Bring your care and take pictures in the large shadow area when shooting in the bright and sunny light.
  8. Try to find a good spot where you can see your car look beautiful and attractive to you and other people.
  9. Try to use auto setting before change or switch your settings of your camera. Switch your setting if doesn’t work for you. The picture will be depended on your camera’s make and model and the experience you have shooting pictures.
  10. Prepare your camera and have a fast and large memory card to take a lots of pictures with best megapixels resolution.
  11. Shoot pictures with a good variety of pictures for the purpose you taking those weather you selling your car or make portrait to hang it on the wall of your garage or room in the house, office and warehouse.



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